The Honeymoon is over.  As the North Carolina General Assembly reconvenes on January 26, 2011, they will be looking at a $3.5B budget deficit. The General Assembly as well as Governor Perdue has an opportunity to transform state government.  Their decisions will either move us forward or take us backward.

Gov. Perdue highlighted steps to address the budget deficit that involves:
?    Consolidating and privatizing state government departments; including a restructuring of 14 departments to 8.
?    Eliminating duplication
?    Review of Boards and Commissions

Gov. Perdue will be sending her budget over to the GA and it will save millions and millions of dollars. The focus will be on core services, jobs and stable economy. Gov. Perdue will focus on reorganizing and getting rid of regulations.

Purdue also outlined three major steps to reform how the GA does business and to transform politics:
1. Limit session to 90 days for long and 45 days for short session.
2. Voter empowerment act with an independent redistricting commission
3. Transparency and accountability, review all statutes that apply to other agencies and branches of state government and apply them to the General Assembly.

Perdue promises that better days are ahead and asks for help in transforming state government.