1. Abandoning office. I never appreciated when people in elective office ran for higher office, slapping their supporters in the face with only a partial term. A new trend is for organizations to fill vacancies by head-hunting amongst those serving in elective office. It looks like a plot by the other guys to water down the opposition in legislative bodies.

2. Corporate gifting. It is redistribution by the private sector. If I want to save the rain forest, logic dictates I will do more by donating to South American horticulturists specializing in preserving native species, than by buying ice cream. Those who argue vehemently that corporations are not people are those who think corporations should be good citizens.

3. Soaking the rich. Raising taxes on the wealthiest to spare the middle class will work so long as laws are passed to prevent the wealthy from passing the costs of taxation on to consumers or voting with their feet. Fiscal Cliff discussions on who should shoulder national debt need to add consideration of Randian directives to require people to stay in their jobs, price freezes, and prohibitions on corporate relocation.