(Image courtesy of Kari Travis’ Sept. 11, 2020, Carolina Journal article, “Greensboro billboard challenges Cooper’s lockdown, use of science, data.”)

After the election, once Gov. Cooper no longer has to worry about any modicum of accountability to the people of North Carolina, he will do it himself. He’ll be using usurped power that is not granted him in the General Statutes, a gross abuse of power nevertheless allowed by ideologically friendly judges.

We will remain under an increasing tyranny of Cooper’s rule by “Emergency Order” for who knows how long? Unelected state health bureaucrat Mandy Cohen said back in August she thought it might last till “mid-2021,” but this is the same administration that promised we’d be in “Phase 2” by May 20, the original parameters of which we still aren’t in.

Nevertheless, here is the (interim, pre-election) request from Cohen to county leaders:

  • Adopt an ordinance that imposes a civil penalty or fine (separate from issuing a Class 2 misdemeanor) for violating the provisions of a local ordinance or issue a local Emergency Proclamation addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. …
  • Support your Local Health Director in the utilization of their authority, pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. § 130A-20, to issue and enforce an Imminent Hazard Abatement Order against entities whose actions, including failure to comply with the Governor’s Executive Order, present an imminent hazard to your community.

Crackdowns against individuals and businesses. When the executive branch issues rules instead of having laws passed by a duly elected legislature, it requires police-state tactics to enforce them.

And that is where we are heading in North Carolina under Cooper. Right now he has to ask local government officials to do it in order to shield him from accountability before the election day.

But after?