I noted last week why the North Carolina General Assembly should let a citizen-only voting constitutional amendment come up for a vote of the people:

The state constitution should be amended to state clearly that only United States citizens can vote in North Carolina, using language so unambiguous that even ambitious politicians or activist judges could not undermine it.

I also noted how voters across the county have voted for citizen-only amendments in their states:

Poll Shows Strong Support for Citizen-Only Voting in North Carolina

Would North Carolina voters support a citizen-only voting amendment as strongly as voters in other states have? A poll of 640 likely voters suggests that they would.

The poll, conducted May 8-10 by Remington Research Group, found that 87% said that they would a citizens-only voting amendment to the state constitution.

(The poll also found that most North Carolina voters disapprove of President Joe Biden’s job performance 43-55 but approved of Gov. Roy Cooper’s performance 57-38.)

If a citizen-only voting amendment came up for a vote of the people, it would win in a landslide.