Josh Christenson reports for the Washington Free Beacon on bad poll news for President Biden.

A slim majority of likely voters think President Joe Biden should resign over his administration’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal, according to a national poll.

Fifty-two percent of likely voters surveyed by Rasmussen Reports said Biden should resign over the withdrawal. Thirty-nine percent said he should remain in office. Nine percent said they were not sure. The survey took place Aug. 30-31, the final days of the U.S. withdrawal, and polled 1,000 likely voters. Most of the people surveyed also said Vice President Kamala Harris is not qualified to replace Biden should he choose to resign.

The poll comes the day after Biden addressed the nation from the White House over his decision to withdraw the United States from Afghanistan. Biden called the withdrawal an “extraordinary success” and said he took responsibility for the decision, though he also blamed former president Donald Trump for hindering chances at a peaceful withdrawal.

“My predecessor, the former president, signed an agreement with the Taliban to remove U.S. troops by May 1, just months after I was inaugurated,” Biden said. “By the time I came to office, the Taliban was in its strongest military position since 2001.”

Biden also set a record low on Tuesday for his three-day rolling job approval average, according to Rasmussen.

This bad news arrives despite the fact that Biden enjoys much less serious media scrutiny than his predecessor.

It’s the first story that’s seen the same corporate media that virtually propped up now-President Joe Biden’s limp and barely responsive person begin to wonder aloud if his public mental decay might be a sign of — shock — mental decay. Finally, there are still hundreds of Americans and many more American-aligned Afghans stranded in the country — and likely hostages of a vengeful and merciless foe.

But in the end, there’s a high chance it will work.

Why? Let’s start with ability: The White House Press Corps, for instance, is largely made up of camera-ready vanity projects more interested in their Instagram followers and TV outfits than holding to account an administration they’re politically aligned with.