Elizabeth Stauffer of the Washington Examiner assesses recent bad news for the president.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a senior aide to President Joe Biden told CNN last week that the president is “‘obsessed” with and “irritated” by the media coverage swirling around his son. According to the report, aides are refusing to even broach the topic with him. The aide said that any mention of Hunter’s legal woes elicits “a level of personal angst unlike any other challenge for the president. Hunter Biden is not a topic of discussion in campaign meetings. It’s just not addressed.”

Of course the president is upset over his son’s troubles. But he’s even more rattled because House investigators have begun to reveal evidence of his own complicity in his family’s overseas business dealings. And that evidence is slowly being corroborated by both bank records and eyewitnesses, including Hunter’s former close friend and business partner Devon Archer.

The public is finally beginning to grasp that, without Joe Biden, there is no business. As Archer confirmed during his July 31 transcribed interview with the House Oversight Committee, “then-Vice President Joe Biden was ‘the brand’ that his son sold around the world to enrich the Biden family.”

Last weekend, the New York Times and Politico reported new information about the Department of Justice’s handling of the case against Hunter. We now know that in October 2022, U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who was named a special counsel in the case two weeks ago, was prepared to charge Hunter with tax evasion and gun charges until Hunter’s lawyer, Chris Clark, threatened to call the president himself to testify as a witness in a subsequent trial.

According to Politico, after much back and forth between Hunter’s attorneys and federal prosecutors, Weiss reacted to Clark’s threat by agreeing to let Hunter Biden off the hook without pleading guilty to any charges at all.