With your federal income tax bill clearly in your mind, realize that the Postal Service Inspector General has uncovered all sorts of misuse of government credit cards.

One manager, who was not identified in the report, used her travel card to withdraw $32,000 in cash so she could gamble, according to the inspector general.

The woman told investigators that it was “difficult to say” why she used the government card, but indicated the withdrawals were made after she reached her credit limit on her personal cards.

The manager also used her government card on rental cars, gas, parking and tolls for personal use, and said a fast-lane transponder “fell into her purse” out of a USPS car she was driving.

The same manager’s administrative assistant told investigators she was frequently out of the office, didn’t say where she would be and was difficult to reach when she was away.

And in North Carolina:

A North Carolina postmaster claimed $9,400 in mileage for 96 service reviews of various post offices for which she had no records, and which several other employees told investigators they were unaware of.

The postmaster said she wasn’t required to keep records of the reviews and didn’t always file her reports, but sometimes helped an office fix problems instead, or did an informal review. She also said she was occasionally unable to perform a review if she arrived at an office when it was closed for lunch.