Well, this is interesting. So soon after Piedmont Triad International Airport lands $300,000 from Guilford County for “promotion and marketing” purposes, Skybus comes sniffing around. No coincidence:

PTI can offer Skybus a promotion budget of $300,000, thanks to a grant last week from the Guilford County Board of Commissioners. Although the money does not have to be used for Skybus, Isaacson said, “It’s nice to have the marketing money from your own county, put it that way. It’s very heartening.”

(Company spokesperson Bob) Tenenbaum said Skybus received incentives when it was founded in Columbus, which included job-creation money and improvements at the city’s airport.

How’s this for heartening: the N&R reported in Wednesday’s print edition that PTIA plans to hit the city up for more marketing money.