For starters, yet another N&R letter to the editor criticizing Greensboro Police Chief Wayne Scott’s reactionary decision to suspend traffic stops for minor violations.

More than a few readers have written in opposing Chief Scott’s policy change—so many in face that our own Queen of Self-Righteous Indignation— N&R columnist Susan Ladd —couldn’t take it any more:

In letters to the editor and on social media, some people have called this move dangerous and illegal or implied that it is a dereliction of duty.

…..“It is my opinion that we don’t pick and choose which laws are to be enforced,” City Councilman Tony Wilkins told a commenter on his Facebook page. He later told the News & Record, “I have asked Chief Scott and Assistant City Manager (Wesley) Reid to give me an explanation as to how this action is in compliance with the chief’s oath administered during his swearing-in ceremony.”

Enough already.

….Stops for minor infractions often become fishing expeditions. Police search twice as many black drivers as white drivers, but white drivers are more often caught with contraband.

So please muffle the mock indignation.

Irony here is Ladd’s self-righteous rants over HB 263— a law passed by the General Assembly—went on and on, and yet Chief Scott makes a unilateral decision not to enforce the law and, well, we all just need to muffle the mock indignation.

Bottom line is Chief Scott should have had his fingers on racial disparity in traffic stops—not like it’s an old issue–instead of letting the NYT parachute in and expose it to the world. Even in that event— a reactionary policy change—then admitting you don’t know where it will lead —-doesn’t exactly show strong leadership. And believe you me there’s a dearth of that around here.

Not sure if that’s Self-Righteous Indignation or Mock Indignation. I’ll let you interpret for yourselves, dear readers.