*Missed extra point gives Northern Guilford the state 3AA football championship;

*N&R’s Jeri Rowe (unposted) writes up Glenwood neighborhood’s land battle with UNCG, which is crossing Lee Street next summer:

It sprouted in 1909, in the rural fields of Guilford County. Wannabe residents selected floor plans from a catalog, built their homes and created a self-sufficient neighborhood where they could find anything they needed —barber, florist church, cafe, post office school.

Sounds a lot to me like today’s suburbs, which –based on what I read in the newspaper —is an evil that should be combated;

*Appearing in the N&R, the Fayetteville Observer’s Tim White visits Maine, likes the windmills, says the N.C. coast “could produce up to 140 gigawatts of power from the wind, nearly half of it is economically viable without major subsidy.” See yesterday;

*Wake Forest wants $250k from the City of Winston-Salem to make room for Pepsi’s call center in University Center. The city will likely use Dell repayment funds to help Wake out;

*On the subject of the former, US Airways wants $29k from Winston-Salem to help expand its reservations center;

*The Journal says the state shouldn’t close Mt Jefferson Park due to budget constraints; meanwhile Archdale parks and rec will apply for a $500k grant from —- you guessed it —the state;