Not sure what angle the N&R’s taking on the proposed Randolph County megasite. Yesterday’s front-pager didn’t tell us anything new, just like Friday’s front-pager didn’t tell us anything new. Looks to me like the N&R’s Richard Barron took his original story and spit it into two parts.

As for the Chatham County megasite— which at first glance looks like a better deal for for taxpayers —- Julian resident Joyce Drake warns Siler City resdiedents to be ware in this letter to the editor:

A hungry city seizing an opportunity to spend someone else’s tax dollars would destroy lifestyles, dreams, family histories, solitude and beauty in the rural setting.

…I would caution the mayor of Siler City, however, to make sure that his (or her) own financial house is in order before spending taxpayer dollars.

The two Chatham News articles Drake references in her letter report that “local officials are saying they’re ready to do whatever they can to make it a reality.” We know what that means — economic incentives.