Apparently, the rules and procedures of the
General Assembly, as well as the Constitution, make the legislators’
eyes glaze over.

Rep. Ross’s quote: “This bill does not restrict any speech whatsoever.” 

right if you don’t count the fact that it reduces the amount of
mailings, faxes, and phone calls that can be made prior to a general
election or primary.  Other than that, it doesn’t restrict speech.

She’s right if you don’t count the fact that it, for all practical purposes, limits people to establishing one 527.

quote/ramble: “We have all recognized and seen the effects of those
persons or corporations with a lot of money and who are willing to
spend it, and who are in a position — because of constitutional law —
we are very limited in any way to restrict it.”

My first reaction is “Huh?”  Assuming though that my translation is correct: 

right too.  That constitution is so darn limiting in how the
legislature can restrict freedom of speech.  I give him credit
though, despite the Constitution, he is doing a great job restricting
our speech.

It is a sad day for free speech.  It is a sad
day for ethics–the treasurer training bill trick was disgusting. 
Just another day at the General Assembly.