Where could the UNC Law School use John Edwards? At the risk of sounding “hostile,” I’ll first suggest two courses where having Edwards teach them ought to be grounds for revocation of UNCLS’ accreditation from the American Bar Association:

1. Constitutional Law
2. Property

Another definite no-no: Law and Economics, which he should be encouraged to take. (Although I don’t know for sure if UNC even has such a course and if they do, whether it’s taught by someone like my friend Don Boudreaux on the George Mason University faculty, who actually understands economics and how law can get in the way of economic efficiency.)

Where would Edwards be qualified to teach? He’d probably be great in a trial practice course, especially one that centered on the manipulation of simple-minded jurors. He might even produce more avaricious members of the plaintiffs bar, eager to help drive away or into bankruptcy the businesses Easley is trying to cultivate.