Leave it to JLF president John Hood to add perspective to Gov. Bev Perdue’s lame joke, if indeed that’s what it was:

I can’t read Gov. Beverly Perdue’s mind. I don’t know how far she would be willing to go to silence her critics – or to shield politicians from public accountability so they can “help this country recover” (i.e. spend the country further into fiscal insolvency) without having to worry about the consequences.

But I do know that the governor wasn’t making a serious proposal to suspend the 2012 elections. During her speech before the Cary Rotarians, Perdue tried to use a lame joke to make a lame point. She bombed.

Gov. Perdue’s real problem is not that she is a closet totalitarian. It is that her ideas are dated and wrongheaded, and she expresses them poorly.

That’s bad enough.

That’s the problem with lame jokes to make lame points. There’s always a certain seriousness behind them.