Paul, I picked 73-74 only because those were the years Skynyrd put out its first two albums, which are amazing pieces of work. I was recently listening to Second Helping and I started wondering whether anything in that short span could compare. I thought it a more interesting question than best album of all time or best rock band of the 70s.

I generally agree that a band’s best work doesn’t always appear on its Greatest Hits album. It’s just a proxy. And in this case it works quite well. Aerosmith went on to produce some great rock, but when you listen to the songs, in those two years Skynyrd was definitely was putting out must that I’d argue was more interesting, complex and just all around better. Sweet Home Alabama vs. Dream On? No contest. Mississippi Kid vs. anything on those first two Aerosmith albums? The kid wins.

As for Floyd, I’m just not a fan, though I did give them a try. I’m with Jon. They’re more boring than Joe Lieberman.

And by the way, the best rock album of all time is London Calling.