A reader makes some good points about my assessment of Warren Wilson College, which holds the distinctions of being the most liberal college in the country (according to a recent survey) and having an unusually high rate of sexual assaults reported. The high reported rate may not reflect a genuine higher rate of sexual assault, just a more touchy administration:

The real connection is that the high reportage of sexual assaults tracks with liberal administrations–as well as willing students.  The recent Yale experience with the football player/Rhodes candidate provides a good example of this. Where a report of unwanted looks, touches, date requests, funny walks, or whatever, all can be grounds for report of a sexual assault, with the accused having no rights while assumed guilty, and with the accuser having no responsibility, we can expect more reports.  it’s an easy path to achieve all sorts of reprisals.  And it diminishes the tough reality of sexual assaults. I suspect you are more than familiar with all this. (btw, the Yale Alumni magazine had a great issue exploring this re. Yale, with actual dissenting voices.)

I also apparently give Warren Wilson too much credit in saying it resembles a “hippie commune.”

In a commune, folks live and share equally. At Warren Wilson, the work for tuition break requirement is a classic modern liberal extravaganza. Start with high tuition, which creates the “no-hope” attitude. Then, pay them what, minimum wage? For a 13% discount.  Do these wages compare to what employees get for similar work?  Are there no jobs outside the college?  Looks a like a liberal plantation to me.  Meanwhile, at Berea and Alice Lloyd, there are true work for tuition programs.  No tuition.

A “liberal plantation”–the stuff nightmares are made of. Yikes!