Daniel Ashman writes for the American Thinker about a new book that documents actual American collusion with Russians.

Numerous examples are provided in a soon to be released book, Judgment in Moscow, by the heroic Soviet dissident, Vladimir Bukovsky. He makes use of extensive first hand documents that he personally stole from Russia’s Central Committee (C.C.) archives, which have never before been accessible to Americans.

The media must be tripping over themselves to see what Bukovsky reveals…right?

Well, not so much. Because the C.C. documents demonstrate, irrefutably, that the American Establishment was the one willingly and repeatedly colluding with Russia — an inconvenient fact.

This is history that the mainstream media don’t want Americans to know. Bukovsky’s book was actually first published over two decades ago in many languages and countries. But not in America.

Random House said it would publish it but then demanded that Bukovsky fundamentally alter its content — downplay the infiltration of the West by Russia! Show how insignificant Russian actions were! — that Bukovsky had to walk away. Afterward, no American publisher would touch it. …

… American publishers tried to lecture Bukovsky about what ideas on American-Russian relations were permissible. They really did not want to talk about Russian collusion up until just recently.

The true history of collusion explored in Judgment in Moscow will be accessible only due to the efforts of a tiny independent publisher, Ninth of November, who wanted to get the truth out.