I’m sure I’ll catch holy hell for that headline, but that’s essentially what law enforcement and Homeland Security are telling us to do. In fact, one of those young Muslim men has Triangle connections:

A man accused of being part of a terrorist cell in the Triangle has been linked to what U.S. counter-terrorism officials have called a credible but unconfirmed al-Qaida threat to set off a car bomb on bridges or tunnels in New York City or Washington.

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that Jude Kenan Mohammad is among three al-Qaida leaders that investigators believe pose a particular threat because they have lived in the U.S.

Mohammad, 22, dropped out of Fuquay-Varina High School in 2006 and left the U.S. two years later to visit Pakistan, his father’s homeland.

The media and the left are going out of their way to make this not about Islam, but they’re fighting a losing game. Whether the views of Islamists are representative of “real” Islam is immaterial. They profess to be Muslims and they are killing, or trying to kill, in the name of Allah.

In case you need a reminder, the 19 men who were involved with 9/11 were all young Muslim men. The shoe bomber and the underwear bomber were both young Muslim men. In fact, the kid from Fuquay-Varina looks eerily like the the 19 men who crashed planes in New York, Shanksville, and Washington.

So, before anyone starts calling me a racist for the above headline, you might note that our national security apparatus pretty much says the same thing:

The information indicated that three people would travel to the U.S. from Pakistan to carry out an attack, they said. However, the information included very little else in the way of specifics — in terms of timing or target.

Law enforcement officials were being alerted to be on the lookout for three men “of Middle Eastern descent” and potentially traveling in a van, they said.

So, to reiterate: Keep your eyes open this weekend, not for grannies in wheelchairs like they do at airports, but for young Muslim men doing things that look suspicious. Don’t NOT call the cops about something suspicious that some young Muslim man is doing for fear of being branded a racist. That’s what the Islamist terrorists are counting on.