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Renewable Energy: Lobby’s report more fog than light

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A report circulated among lawmakers by the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA) argues that renewables are not the source of rising electricity bills in the state.  However, the report’s problems are myriad.

State leaders should cut through the noise of slanted, rent-seeking tailored industry reports aimed at influencing them to produce public policies favorable to their industry at ratepayer/taxpayer expense. A thorough, comprehensive study of North Carolina energy policy is needed — one that bears in mind that the top stakeholders are ratepayers whose chief interest is least-cost, reliable power at the flip of the switch.

Renewable Energy: Lobby's report more fog than light

Jon Sanders is an economist studying state regulations, that spreading kudzu of invasive government and unintended consequences. Serving as Senior Fellow of Regulatory Studies and also Research Editor at the John Locke Foundation, Jon gets in the weeds of all… ...

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