Interesting Winston-Salem Journal editorial on charges of racism within the Forsyth County health department.

The charges of racism are coming from a white employee, who maintains that health department director Dr. Tim Monroe shows favoritism toward minority employees. Adding to the intrigue is the fact that Monroe has formed an “anti-racism team” headed up by Willard Bass, founder of the Insitutute for Dismantling Racism (note who provided IDR’s initial funding).

Most interesting —at least in my mind —- is the Journal’s carefully-crafted attitude toward the situation:

We don’t know whether any such changes played a part in the current controversy, but we would not be surprised. Change is difficult.

Whether racism and reverse discrimination exist in the department remains to be seen. The hiring of the Institute for Dismantling Racism would seem to argue against this.

In any case, the board of health has an obligation to get to the bottom of the dispute and take appropriate action — soon. The responsibility for guarding public health is a big enough task without such distractions.

Incredible that the Journal is endorsing IDR’s presence, and I personally am skeptical whether or not Willard Bass is providing his services for nothing.

Typical government, typical mainstream media.