The entire blog post is worth reading.  Here are the first two paragraphs:

When I heard the makeup of the President’s double-secret, anxiously awaited plan to create millions of jobs and make America happy again, I unaccountably found myself flashing on the scene in “Knocked Up” where Seth Rogen meets Katherine Heigl. The overmatched Rogen is on the dance floor, shimmying and pumping his arm in his “rolling the dice” move. Watching the sorry spectacle, one friend notes, “Dude, I think he’s doing the dice thing too much.” The other thinks for a moment and nods, then notes, “That’s really all he’s got.”

What to make of Obama’s call for a third round of emergency, stopgap school funding (with a call for tens of billions of funds for slapdash school construction, a request that he couldn’t even get through the heavily Democratic Congress of 2009)? What to say about the President’s call to help school districts again put off dealing with the fact that, during the bubble years, they allowed cost structures to exceed their real resources?

Hess concludes that it a “transparently political move that’s unlikely to go anywhere.”