Cato genius Roger Pilon had an article in the Wall Street Journal over a week ago that I believe takes the correct position on gay marriage in our Constitutional Republic. The underlying principles seem so simple. I suppose being sensible doesn’t capture media market share. Simplified, government cannot obstruct the free exercise of conscience in “victimless” activities. If couples want to marry, they may. Government shouldn’t stop them. If bakers don’t want to bake something, they don’t have to. Government can’t make them. Saith Pilon:

If a same-sex couple had walked into that bakery hand-in-hand and ordered bagels, they would have been served without objection. But it is a step further — and an important one — to force religious business owners to participate in a same-sex wedding, to force them to engage in the creative act of planning the event, baking a special-order cake for it, photographing it, and so on.