Via Facebook, former N&R editor John Robinson on the death of UNCG economics professor Don Jud:

Gotta say, I’m surprised that a week after his death, the News & Record has not written a news obituary on Don Jud. He was the paper’s go-to source on the economy for decades. A good guy, too.

Note in the obituary —a fact that wasn’t lost on commenters to Robison’s post — that Dr. Jud “was considered the area’s economic guru, affectionately called ‘Economan’ by the News and Record.” I’ve cited him on this blog, specifically when he supported conservative incumbents in the 2011 Greensboro City Council election. Out of respect for Dr. Jud, no political comment on how it’s turned out since.

Update: N&R story Dr. Jud in Tuesday’s edition, including a memory from one of his top students:

Laura Greene Knapp, one of Jud’s brightest students, saw the complete picture of the professor who stretched to find creative ways to help people.

….Knapp was, to her surprise, elected to the UNCG homecoming court her senior year. But to be in the parade at the homecoming soccer game, she needed a convertible.
“I realized I had to have a convertible for the homecoming parade and I had no idea what to do,” she said.
Jud knew. He called one of his contacts at a car dealership to ask a favor.
“Not only did he get in touch with his friend at the car dealership,” Knapp recalled, “he picked up the car, brought it to campus, stayed with my friend to watch the soccer game and at the end of the day brought it back. It was very special.”