No surprise that Triadwatch — who’s been tracking high-profile Roy Carroll’s access to the Greensboro City Council for quite a while —-calls Carroll’s interview (unposted) with the N&R a “joke” and a “puff piece.” You get what you pay for with the local paper of record, which does little to buck the establishment in this city, especially where downtown is concerned.

Still, I was surprised by Carroll’s pointed comments directed at the council, especially regarding the downtown noise ordinance, economic development and ‘pushback’ against the wealthy:

…”I’m not saying, ‘Poor Roy’—- but I’m glad we don’t have a major rezoning going up before the City Council anytime soon because it would probably get denied.

“I’m a little fish in a little pond of Greensboro. But I’m also the public face for big business. I’m the public face for the 1 percent. And so, naturally, in the context of the times that we’re in, there’s this whole pushback against the wealthy: ‘They’re getting a free ride.”They’re not doing this or that.’

….My hope is that nobody’s ever turned off from doing something or pushing an idea in this city because they’re afraid of pushback. We need to push ideas…’

Then Carroll drops the bomb:

But here’s my thing: I’m serious when I say I’m not going to put down another dollar into downtown Greensboro until the situation is straight.

That’s not a threat with dollars or anything, but I’m true to my word. I’m not going to invest in a Roy Carroll project or any other project until I feel like that investment is going to be protected by our city government.

Can’t help but wonder how Carroll’s tenant in his CenterPointe condo —Mayor Robbie Perkins —reacted to this. If you believe in the Perkinettes, then you know that if Carroll’s cracks on the council, then he’s cracking on the mayor.