The local papers have nothing worth talking about here. Oh, but there is news. The boss is in the other room listening to the talking heads on Fox News screaming at each other. I am sorry people are evil, but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do to stop it, so I insert one earpod and “drown in the music that’s keeping me sane.”

Still looking for something to post here, I went over to and found three articles that look well worth propping the feet up and digesting when I (ho ho) finish reading that dorky form-based code for Haywood Street. I provide the links for your reading pleasure:

  • This one, by criticizing the mathematization of markets, is almost certain to provide a respite from political nonsense.
  • This one looks like it is going to list, once again, reasons why Asheville’s newfound and glorious synergistic economic engine of rent control is bound to fail.
  • And this one looks like it shall get multicultural with an expose on the opportunity costs of socialism somewhere other than in Eastern Europe.