If you ask me, UNCG’s course on business morality is yet another example of the self-flagellation that’s become commonplace on college campuses:

John Allison IV is a student of capitalist philosophy, so the BB&T chief executive officer wanted to encourage the study at UNCG.

In a statement, Allison said that capitalism is recognized as producing a higher standard of living, but is considered amoral or immoral.

“How can an immoral economic system produce a better outcome? We believe there needs to be a deeper understanding of the morality of capitalism and its causal relationship to economic well being,” he said. “We also believe that without economic freedom, political freedom will soon die. This program is designed to create a rigorous and objective discussion of these issues.”

Yeah, but who considers capitalism amoral or immoral? Members of failed societies who want to bring this country down to their level. So what’s the point of basically giving them a public forum?