That was the theme of my most recent newsletter, and it has been an ongoing subject of mine for years.

Right now the green expensive electricity energy lobby is out in force working to get lawmakers to think of electricity generation as a jobs program, to support incentives and purchase mandates that are said to “grow jobs” but which deliberately avoid or obfuscate the price effects of these policies.

A word about this lobbying effort

The renewable energy lobby has made no secret of the fact that their industry can’t survive without federal and state tax incentives, purchase mandates, grants, and other kinds of government — as opposed to freely choosing individuals — support.

Bearing in mind their target audience, who is in power in North Carolina now, they have taken to billing this cronyism as

This despite their political goal emanating from President Barack Obama’s permanent campaign arm. (Remember this? It is a screenshot from the web page, the URL for which now points back to

Obama for NC RPS screenshot