Appalachian State is adding a second wave of part-time counselors, to be funded through tuition increases. Demand for counseling has increased following the death of nine students this school year. Today, in spite of technology, the waiting list must be triaged.

The number of students served by the Counseling Center at ASU has increased 46 percent since fall 2009, with 1,028 students served as of Dec. 3, according to data provided by ASU’s Division of Student Development.

Within the same time period, the number of students reporting they had suicidal thoughts at the center’s walk-in clinic increased from 183 in fall 2009 to 400 in fall 2014. Fifty-eight students in fall 2014 reported having an unwanted sexual experience within the past year, and 130 reported a history of experiencing sexual violence, which includes rape, attempted rape and stalking, according to Student Development.