Shaftesbury Society is a twice-monthly gathering that includes a lecture centered around limited government, free enterprise and markets, or trending and relevant policy topics. It also includes a Q&A and networking time.

Shaftesbury Society is held every other Monday from noon until 1 pm at the John Locke Foundation offices (4800 Six Forks Rd., Ste. 220, Raleigh, NC 27609).

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Shaftesbury Society is named after the 1st earl of Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper (1621-1683). Lord Shaftesbury was John Locke’s patron. From the time of Locke and Shaftesbury’s acquaintance they were steadfast in their intellectual pursuits and philosophy. Together, Shaftesbury and Locke wrote The Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina in 1669.

Watch our most recent Shaftesbury Society livestream below.