Eddie Scarry writes at the Federalist about the larger implications of the Jussie Smollett hoax.

Even though Jussie Smollett has been found guilty of staging a homophobic and racist assault against himself and lying about it, an overlooked tragic injustice of the three-year saga is that he wrongfully gets to be the most famous person associated with a plot that he cribbed from untold numbers of lesser-known people before him.

The story he told about an innocent minority violently attacked by Trump supporters (i.e. white men) was done countless times before he did it in January 2019. And as in Smollett’s case, they were either proved to be fake, or they went unresolved after the supposed victims curiously stopped talking with police.

It’s a fairytale that’s been told time and time again by leftists who throw a fit when things aren’t going their way.

A day after the 2016 presidential election, a female Muslim student at San Diego State University claimed to police that she had been assaulted and robbed by two men who “made comments about President-Elect Trump and the Muslim community.” The student also said her car had been stolen, apparently as part of the attack.

Two months later, police dropped the investigation because the “victim” no longer wanted to cooperate. …

… The exact same day as that fake attack, another Muslim woman at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette claimed that two white men had assaulted her, robbed her, and snatched a hijab from her head. She described one of them as wearing a white Trump hat. A day later, investigators said she confessed to having fabricated the entire incident. …

… If Smollett’s case was at all a surprise, it should only be in that anyone took so seriously a lie that had been told so many times before.