What?s all this nonsense about soccer (real football)?  

It?s a very simple game of skill and athletic endurance.  Any five
year-old can play it, witness my two sons.  And best of all it
does not require 325-pound linemen or 7 foot 10 inch centers. 
Norman people can play.  Also, it is the only sport that I know of
where you can be penalized for taking a ?dive.?  What you guys are
calling flopping. 

The France/Brazil game was fantastic. France outplayed the world
champions throughout the game.  High scores do not make an
interesting game.  Witness basketball where teams just match each
other’s score and the last team with the ball wins. Boring!

My suggestion to you soccer haters is don?t just watch the ball. 
Watch the other players and see how the play develops. A well-executed
play that gets the ball past the defense into the box where a teammate
scores a goal is a thing of beauty. 

I know the real reason for your soccer bigotry. Play does not stop for you to take a beer break to the kitchen.