When I read this column this morning it sounded like it was describing many of my neighbors in Trinity Park. You know, the ones who banged pots in the spring of 2006 in front of 610 N. Buchanan. It also fits most of Chapel Hill and Carrboro to a “T”:

Like the preacher who is focused on nothing but sin, Progressives must emphasize the alleged flaws of other people. They need to pinpoint those flaws, to feel important. Because Progressives make it clear that the real obstacle to Progress is Other People. In fact, if you really ask a “Progressive” what other people are like, you’re likely to hear that much of humanity is either ignorant or evil.

I’ve always said the heroes in any community are the ones who build businesses and create jobs so their employees can buy homes, cars and send their kids to college. But it’s always the “progressive” who works for the do-nothing non-profit with good intentions that gets the Jefferson Award or whatever kudo progressives are passing around. This columnist agrees:

All the radicals in the world together have not created as much economic progress as the inventor of Diet Coke or the Post-It Note. I’m sorry, but it’s plainly true. So the “Progressive” ego trip is really only an ego trip.