NOW was protesting in Asheville, and I am not sympathetic. The only rights I support are unqualified human rights. So-called women’s rights, gay rights, Scandinavian-American rights, or whatever have a way of implicitly advocating special consideration, special treatment, and demands on others to force equal outcomes; rather than offering fair opportunities for personalized quests.

The hot topic was the recent Hobby Lobby ruling. The same lecture has been delivered through the centuries, so repeating it here is not likely to change any minds. A good society will support the Hobby Lobbyists’ right to pursue the path they feel makes them right with their Creator. Hobby Lobbyists’ consciences are seared as they spend the fruits of their labors on breaking the commandments of their God. This is serious business, or their religion is pure hypocrisy. The limitations, of course, are when the Hobby Lobbyists’ right to the free exercise of conscience infringes that of others, and to date there is no widely-accepted school of natural rights teaching that pharmaceutical birth control flows freely, without effort, to women in the absence of faith-based, male obstructionists. Were birth control a natural right, men, women, bi’s, and neuters would simply pluck it from the easy breezes, as they do the pursuit of happiness.

That said, the women do have a right to freely assemble, and they can talk about whatever they like. May they not construe my freedom of expression as obstructionist.