Julie, I posted that advertisement a while back to contrast that history with the only-government-builds-that, massively expensive folly of the Obama administration.

Namely their “innovation institutes,” including one at NC State:

$70 million from the Department of Energy in the next five years, “an amount that will be matched in non-federal commitments by the businesses and schools, along with the state of North Carolina.”

Not calculated is the further consumption of taxpayer resources already ongoing at the six public universities used. Nor will media object to this use of funds ($10 million) by the State of North Carolina for industry cronyism under Gov. McCrory, since it’s (a) green cronyism that is (b) blessed by Pres. Obama.

Because that is the government’s idea of how to bring about innovation. Build huge public institutions. Target a political goal or two. Get large corporations on board.

Perhaps they already have folks working on those innovations for the company, which would be of little political use to the government, unless we were to offer them public money to cut their costs and risks (research and development is expensive and risky, after all) and, of course, share the credit.

Hold meetings and argue and discuss over who receives what public monies when and where. Time a political announcement.

“Success” is reaped at the time of the announcement; there is almost no interest in whether the endeavor bears any actual fruit no matter the cost, but its existence always presupposes “the potential” to do so.

And, of course, completely ignore all those opportunity costs and roads not taken.