Editors at Issues and Insights are watching closely as government officials respond to the latest news involving COVID.

The media are worried about the low COVID vaccination rate as winter approaches. The lockdown lovers and mandate militants of the press are doing their best to gin up yet another round of COVID hysteria. A robust resistance is called for.

The government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, cheered on by a legacy media that is clearly dominated by neurotics, violated fundamental liberties and caused more health problems than it solved. We were encouraged last week by a long article in New York magazine topped with the headline: “COVID Lockdowns Were a Giant Experiment. It Was a Failure.” Finally, some responsible media coverage on a matter that has been almost entirely presented through the lens of a cult.

The article was written by Joe Nocera and Bethany McLean, and was excerpted from their book, “​​The Big Fail: What the Pandemic Revealed About Who America Protects and Who It Leaves Behind.” It should be infuriating to every inhabitant of this planet that humans were the subjects of a supremely unethical clinical trial, as if we were lab rats. “There was never any science behind lockdowns,” say the pair, and “not a single study had ever been undertaken to measure their efficacy in stopping a pandemic.” So, they continued, “when you got right down to it, lockdowns were little more than a giant experiment.”

For all its public service in exposing the dark heart of abusive lockdown policies, the article had one flaw. It did not mention government mask or vaccine mandates, both gross violations of basic freedom.

But the lockdowns alone inflicted a heavy toll. One way to ensure they don’t happen again is to utilize the legal system. Steve Kirsch, a tech entrepreneur and health policy freedom fighter, believes “the solutions to the various health and freedom crises of the COVID policies would come through litigation and not politics.”