Readers of Newsweek might scratch their heads as they read a story in this week’s issue.

It focuses primarily on the role of stem cell research in the Missouri U.S. Senate race. But the article also includes a map that highlights other state’s responses to the stem-cell debate.

The map indicates that most states fall under one of two categories: no pending action or limits on human embryo research that could affect stem-cell research.

North Carolina is one of a handful of states listed as “considering funding for stem-cell research.” Since I had heard little discussion of the topic this year, that designation surprised me.

Rep. Paul Miller, D-Durham, filed H.B. 2737 in May. It would have designated $20 million for stem cell research. A half dozen fellow Democrats signed on as co-sponsors. But I’ve seen no indication that the bill is going anywhere.

Since budget work is finished, and since Miller has since resigned from the General Assembly to deal with his legal issues, I’m guessing the “no pending action” designation would have been more accurate.