From the mid-year survey of the National Small Business Association comes this snapshot of the small business community.

Economic uncertainty continues to top the list of challenges facing small-business owners, followed by decline in customer spending and cost of health insurance. The number one issue— and a new answer option provided for the first time in this survey—small businesses want policymakers to address is to end the partisan gridlock and work together. That was followed closely by reduce the national deficit, simplify and reduce the tax burden, reduce regulatory burdens and rein-in costs of health care reform.

Thankfully, here in North Carolina, state legislators ended years of simply talking about moving the state ahead and took action to create a business climate that supports business owners and  job creators, and respects the right of hard-working North Carolinians to keep more of the fruits of their labor. By acting – not just talking – legislators have put the state on a path toward prosperity.