• Research Report

    Speculators’ Tax in Alleghany? County commissioners seek tax grab based on guesses

    posted October 13, 2010 by Dr. Terry Stoops, Joseph Coletti, Dr. Michael Sanera
    Alleghany County commissioners are asking county voters to approve a $160,000 tax increase at a time of high unemployment. That amount would be equal to a property tax increase of 0.9 cents per hundred dollars of value. County operating budget appropriations for fiscal year 2011 are $570,274 higher than in fiscal year 2009 – an amount 3.5 times as much as what the tax would generate.
  • Press Release

    Alleghany’s proposed tax grab based on speculation

    posted October 13, 2010
    RALEIGH — Alleghany County commissioners are relying on pure speculation as they push a $160,000 sales tax hike. That’s the conclusion John Locke Foundation experts reach in a new…

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