• Press Release

    Common-Sense Health Insurance Reform

    posted October 16, 2006
    Click here to view and here to listen to Joseph Coletti discussing this Spotlight report. RALEIGH – North Carolina could make health insurance more affordable for everyone by…
  • Research Report

    High-Risk Health Insurance Pools: A step towards an individual insurance market

    posted October 16, 2006 by Joseph Coletti
    Health insurance should act like insurance, not a payment plan for regular medical needs. It should also be available for individuals to purchase in a deregulated market. A high-risk pool for health insurance, as in other insurance markets, would keep premiums affordable for the small percentage of those with significant care needs without raising costs for the entire market. The state of North Carolina should finance any high-risk pool entirely through the General Fund and existing taxes, rather than assessments on insurers or other hidden taxes. Money for a high-risk pool can come from Medicaid savings.
  • Press Release

    Put People First in Health Care Choices

    posted April 4, 2006
    RALEIGH – An expansion of the state-federal Medicaid program is a prescription for more health care problems, a new John Locke Foundation Spotlight argues. Instead, consumers should manage their own…
  • Research Report

    Your Health, Your Choices: Employers and the State Fail to Meet Individual Health Care Needs

    posted April 4, 2006 by Joseph Coletti
    Health care is again a top priority for most Americans. Health savings accounts offer promise and are growing in popularity among companies and individuals. Three states will soon begin consumer-directed Medicaid pilot programs. These are more realistic approaches than proposals by the NC Institute of Medicine and others to expand Medicaid or to force employers to provide health insurance. Individuals, not companies or the state, are best equipped to manage their own health care. Health care reform should start from this premise.

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