• John Locke Update

    NC’s stranglehold on access to medical care should end

    posted February 23, 2021 by Brian Balfour
    North Carolina's archaic certificate-of-need laws leave the state with significant deficits in psychiatric hospitals and substance abuse facilities — and higher prices. North Carolina should join the 15 other states that eliminated certificate-of-need laws.
  • John Locke Update

    Highlights of NC’s HHS Budget

    posted June 22, 2017 by Katherine Restrepo
    North Carolina’s final $23 billion budget for the fiscal years 2017-19 has arrived. Some takeaways from the money report and bill text of the Health and Human Services (HHS) section are…
  • Research Report

    Rhetoric or Reform? The Future of Mental Health in North Carolina

    posted April 19, 2001 by Dr. N.N. Fullwood
    North Carolina has reached a crossroads in the delivery of mental health services. After decades of escalating budgets and haphazard growth, years of costly and controversial study, and promises to act that have yet failed to materialize, the state’s mental health system continues to suffer from a host of systemic problems. Only fundamental change in the structure and funding of the system will improve outcomes for patients and taxpayers.

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