• John Locke Update

    The NC Threat-Free Index Explained

    posted October 27, 2021 by Jon Sanders
    Since July 2020, the NC Threat-Free Index has provided contextualized looks at North Carolina's Covid-19 numbers that have been lacking from media and government updates. All of the statistics generated for the NC Threat-Free Index are based on numbers provided by government sources. In recent weeks the index has expanded to include estimates of herd immunity and how few people have been reinfected or contracted Covid-19 after being vaccinated.
  • John Locke Update

    Why We Need the NC Threat-Free Index

    posted November 5, 2020 by Jon Sanders
    For many weeks I have been producing contextualized looks at North Carolina’s COVID-19 numbers. Recently, I’ve started calling it the “NC Threat-Free Index.” Here’s why. Round-the-clock virus coverage in…

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