• Research Report

    Carolina Cronyism: Introduction, Overview, and Reforms

    posted July 17, 2012 by Jon Sanders
    Cronyism is an umbrella term covering a host of government activities by which an industry or even a single firm or speculator is given favors and support that they could not attain in market competition. This report explains what opens government to cronyism, gives a brief rundown of recent examples of cronyism in North Carolina, and offers several possible reforms.
  • Research Report

    Debt is Debt: Taxpayers on hook for TIFs despite rhetoric

    posted November 18, 2007 by Joseph Coletti
    Tax increment financing (TIF) hides the diversion of funds from government services that is inherent in borrowing. It still puts taxpayers at risk for repayment and is more expensive than general obligation bonds or certificates of participation (COPs).

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