• John Locke Update

    School Shootings and School Safety

    posted March 1, 2018 by Dr. Terry Stoops
    After the Parkland school shooting, Americans are questioning the safety of the nation’s public schools.  It is an entirely rational response to the murder of 17 students and teachers at…
  • John Locke Update

    Emotion is a Poor Guide When a Civil Right is at Stake

    posted March 1, 2018 by Jon Sanders
    This month’s deadly school shooting in Parkland, Florida, has brought the issue of guns back to the forefront. It’s perhaps to be expected when emotions are raw. Still, the…
  • Research Report

    The Parental Prerogative: How ‘parent-friendly’ are school districts in North Carolina?

    posted August 18, 2008 by Dr. Terry Stoops
    This report develops a system to evaluate school districts on how “parent-friendly” they are. In other words, to what extent do North Carolina’s school districts provide children a sound, basic education in a stable and safe school environment that is responsive to the needs of children and the concerns of parents?

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