• John Locke Update

    Should the UNC System reduce tuition and fees?

    posted August 3, 2020 by Grey Davis
    While the majority of university faculty believe that online teaching is inferior to in-person instruction and invites academic fraud, UNC students now face a fall semester without the advantages…
  • John Locke Update

    Legislating “cancel culture” misses the point

    posted July 20, 2020 by Dominic Coletti
    In a City Journal article titled “Pushing Back on Cancel Culture,” law professors Robert Delahunty and John Yoo argue that Congress should extend civil rights protections to speech to…
  • Press Release

    Forum to Discuss Academic Freedom, Teacher Training

    posted October 17, 2002
    RALEIGH — How far do free speech rights extend on university campuses primarily funded by taxpayers? How should North Carolina’s teachers be trained to meet the educational challenges of the…

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