In one of the greatest in-your-face slam dunks of all time, Dorothy Rabinowitz lays bare the ugly history of Massachusetts candidate Martha Coakley. Read all about it here.

Rabinowitz won a Pulitzer Prize for her reporting on the astounding Fells Acres Day Care case where prosecutors eager to make names for themselves relentlessly pushed a case alleging child abuse. Eventually, appellate court judges in Massachusetts would ream out the prosecution and several of the defendants were released — but not Gerald Amirault. Evidently, keeping some member of the family behind bars was important to the prosecutors who wanted to save face and continue to look tough. So Martha Coakley went ballistic to keep him from being released from prison after the parole board had voted 5-0 to release him.

What kind of person does that?

Someone so intent on keeping up her public image that justice for an individual does not matter.

Hmmmmmm….. You might be a progressive if you declare your commitment to “social justice” but couldn’t care less if you let an innocent person rot in jail.

Coakley is a great role model, though. FDR kept the Japanese-Americans in prison camps long after it was evident that they posed no threat to national security. (Actually, they never did.)