Yesterday, I mentioned the controversy over a “diversity inventory” assignment given to 10th graders at Heritage High School in Wake County.

Today, I am reading through some Facebook responses from public school teachers.  While most teachers do not appear to object to the “diversity inventory” itself, many objected to the way that the English teacher conducted the lesson.  For example, several teachers did not think it was appropriate for the teacher to reveal to the class that she was bisexual.  Others felt that students should not have been compelled to reveal their sexuality.

On the other hand, a handful of responses were appalling.  One teacher wrote, “And I certainly agree that the field of education has become obsessed with what parents want from educators, rather than what educators know is best for kids.”  Do educators know what is best for kids that they don’t even know?  This is the kind of arrogance that fuels the popularity of school choice.

The second response is a teacher telling a teenager, “Toughen up, snowflake! Adulthood is two years away!  And it’s a lot more stressful than a questionnaire.”