I stopped to read my email before going to – ejem – volunteer in another office. Inside was an email from a member of the local delegation informing me that women were offended by recent actions of the General Assembly. I shall say the commentary was smaller than I would have expected from one of her stature. I therefore offer the following for consideration by those who handle her publicity:

  1. Do not use wordy-dirties. It is unprofessional and reflects poorly upon the user.
  2. Do not make generalizations about women. Current trends indicate there are maybe 100 genders. Whereas I believe there are only two genders, I do agree there is a full spectrum of interests and proclivities that do not fit into the two pigeonholes. To say all women think the same way is sexist and likely incorrect.
  3. Taking offense is evidence of unrighteous dominion. It supposes I am responsible for the choices others are taking with the rights bestowed upon them by their Creator, and that is, in modern parlance, just plain crack. Each of us wends his way through the mystery of life as he best chooses; we all have enough of our own baggage to keep us busy without making time to judge another.