Just when you thought the battle for control of Charlotte Douglas International Airport, couldn’t become more bizarre, it does. From the UPoR:

Ten members of the 13-member commission were present Wednesday and they split evenly on two votes. One group, led by Gaston commissioner Joe Carpenter, offered a motion to direct the group’s lawyer, Martin Brackett, to file a brief stating that they are the legal airport commission. That failed in a 5-5 tie.

The other faction, led by Stolz and commissioner Anthony Fox and made up of commissioners appointed by Charlotte, supported a motion to direct Brackett to tell the judge that the commission wasn’t taking any stance on the legal issues. That also failed in a tie vote.

Brackett said that as a result he will not file any briefs in the case on the commission’s behalf. The judge has requested briefs from all sides in the case by Monday.

And a bonus quote:

“The position that the city and the state have put this commission into, I believe, is outrageous,” Chairman Robert Stolz said. “We’re still stuck in the mud. Maybe worse, we’re stuck in the middle of a battlefield in what I would consider to be no man’s land, shooting all around us.”