Ok, so that’s a bit sensational, but really, it’s no worse that this, “Drought outlook downright wintry: No relief in long-term forecast at least until spring, experts say.”

It may well be that we will have no relief, but it may also be that a tropical storm soaks us or a weather pattern changes.  In this particular story the predictions are downright scary.

Raleigh | The drought that has brought record low levels to reservoirs and rivers across North Carolina is expected to last at least until the spring, engineers and other experts said Thursday.

I’m still somewhat mystified that we barely trust our five day forecast but still put lots of stock into annual predictions about anything.  I think I’ll stick to watching what the fire ants in my yard do as they seem to predict rain about as well as any long term forecast I’ve yet read. And I’m still not sure what engineers have to do with weather forecasting.