N.C. State political science professor Andy Taylor has an interesting column out for Carolina Journal on the future of the Republican Party. A highlight:

The time has come for Republicans to contemplate three things. First, conservatism is not dead, but many of its advocates misunderstand it and do it a disservice. Second, this country remains a center-right nation, and Republicans, at the presidential level at least, need to be more sensitive to the center part of the descriptor. Third, the United States is both changing and staying the same. It is becoming more Hispanic, Asian, and liberal on cultural issues. It is staying the same because it is repeatedly in flux.

A dynamic society such as ours will turn its back on a rigid party with its head turned toward yesterday, not tomorrow. But its people will continue to embrace the core values that have made them successful — individual freedom, personal responsibility, adaptability, and confidence in the future. The Republican Party should roll out the welcome mat for all Americans who treasure such principles.

Taylor’s column is well worth a read in its entirety.